The Work Choices legislation introduced in 2006 and subsequent legislation imposed major obstacles for agency owners and staff alike in the Real Estate industry. Traditional Real Estate employment structures are almost impossible under the Federal legislation, however there is a solution for both Real Estate Agency Owners and Individuals seeking an alternative engagement model.

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  • The system involves engaging individuals as Contractors.
  • The Individuals are exempt from the Federal Workplace Relations legislation because they are legitimate Contractors.
  • The Individuals can work on “commission only” arrangements or any other remuneration arrangement. The system is flexible enough to handle any remuneration arrangement.
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The Contracting system suits all agency types within the Queensland Real Estate Industry. We understand that personnel engagement processes vary from agency to agency and from business to business. The Contracting model is adaptable to your specific business needs, while adhering to our legal parameters.

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How does it work for you as a Contractor?

Contractors are independent business people with a business perspective.

Contracting is straightforward where commercial understandings govern the relationships. There is no employment relationship between the parties.

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